Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204

Oud Stand KOS-204

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Oud Stand KOS-204

When the oud stays in the bag, it does not get air, which will damage the instrument. You can keep your instrument on this stand and allow it to breathe.
  • Wooden
  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • The belt for securing the Oud
  • Fits for all size Ouds


You are always intent to give your Oud the best possible care. The wood regularly has to be exempted from dirt and dust and also the proper preparation of the building materials, with like special caring-oils is giving eternal youth and health to your sound-body.


But even other things are very important to ensure the maintenance of your instrument. And for that, we have created the Oud Stand KOS-204. Your Oud must not lay eternally in its case, because its body needs the same air to breathe, just like you! And therefore a specially built Stand is not only a decorative beauty for your home or the stage you play on, but it is also supporting its longevity.


There are many good stands on the market for stringed- and plucked-instrument, which are serving their purpose, but with our KOS-204, you are combining the prophylactic stability with dignifying magnificence. This created stand adapts itself in a wonderful way which is underlining the beauty of your instrument optically. The places, where it is in direct contact with the stand, you find a soft surface, which protects the wood against scratches or any other bad physical influences. Furnished with a hand-made belt, it saves your Oud at the upper fingerboard from falling out of the stand and suffer fractures. 

Concluding it is to say that a wooden Oud-Stand, built like this expensive way of construction, represents a rarity, which is giving your sound body an optical and marking reverence.


You can purchase the Oud-Stand KOS-204 directly in our online-shop and very soon you will be able to set aside your Oud on this wonderful stand, whenever you are not playing music.

The Oud showed in the picture is not included.

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