Darbuka Drums: Turkish and Egyptian

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    Beautiful Goblet Drums, Drum Stands and Replacement Drum Skins

    Darbuka keeps the rhythm in Turkish traditional music. It is an essential percussion instrument used in traditional music in the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans. Besides being an accompaniment, it can also be used as a solo instrument. It is a single-headed goblet drum made from pottery, wood or metal with an open bottom. A stretched skin is attached to its head, but now darbuka’s head can also be in plastic and these heads can be tuned with a key. Darbuka is one of our best-selling instruments and in our catalogue we provide you with a range of darbukas used in different regions. The types of darbuka existing in our catalogue are Egyptian Darbukas having heads with rounded edges, Turkish Darbukas which are light and easy to handle, and Clay Darbukas with ceramic goblets.

    This percussion instrument, which was previously produced using terracotta, is increasingly used in unglazed earth as well as copper, aluminum, various metal alloys, plaster, porcelain, wood and glass fiber, etc. made using materials such as Animal skin and recently mostly synthetic leather are used in the instrument, which generally looks like a wide pipe on one side and a narrow pipe on the other. The leather is stretched on a hoop and stretched with the help of screws to provide tone. Decorations suitable for various regions and cultural structures were also made on the body of this instrument and it continues today.

    As it is easy to play, people in the eastern regions and according to their traditions use the darbuka for playful songs. It is one of the instruments that are not widely used in general with its tone of voice. Many instruments like the darbuka were used centuries ago. In order to communicate, people sent messages to each other by making sounds with instruments like darbuka. Since the tones are clear, it cannot be used alone. It can be ensured that several instruments play together in harmony.

    There are 4 types of darbuka, which can vary in the materials of the darbuka and the sounds it can make. Four different types of darbuka are as follows;

    1. Casting Darbuka
    2. Pottery Darbuka
    3. Bass Casting Darbuka
    4. Copper Darbuka

    Although these types of darbuka above are different from each other, their playing techniques and practices are almost the same.

    Darbukas in our catalogue are categorized as standard and special darbukas according to their qualities. We believe you will find here the most convenient darbuka for yourself at the best value.