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    Oud is known as the king, the sultan of the instruments. It is one of the most preferred string instruments in the performance of art and folk music in a large area from Greece to North Africa, the Middle East, and Arabia. Ouds produced according to specific performance features in different regions are available in our store. Turkish, Arabic and Syrian ouds are the prominent oud instruments, and we have many oud models preferred by oud performers all over the world. Our Turkish, Arabic and Syrian oud models also come with their electric versions. Electric ouds meet different needs of oud performers with their electric accessories. Electric ouds are easy to carry, and their lightness facilitates performers’ trips and long journeys spent on the road. The timbre of electric ouds brings a different approach to performance. Many musicians performing art and folk music prefer electric oud when they adopt a contemporary approach while they are performing and want to obtain different sounds than the sound of acoustic ouds. Musicians prefer electric oud also for its conveniences, such as adjusting the volume, playing the oud in silent mode, etc. With their pickup system, you can connect them to the sound system easily. These ouds can be used in electric or acoustic modes thanks to their pick up and equalizer. All our electric ouds are manufactured by Sala Muzik in Turkey. They are made of the best quality materials. All of the electric ouds are set for eleven strings organized in five courses with a pair of strings and, besides, one course of a single string. In our store, left-hand Turkish electric ouds, professional Arabic electric ouds, professional Turkish Electric ouds, Syrian professional electric ouds, Turkish professional half-cut electric ouds, and silent ouds are available for the musicians. Turkish electric ouds can be used as electric or acoustic oud with the pickup and equalizer built in the instrument. Turkish professional electric ouds in our store are with maple bowls, spruce faces, and ebony fingerboards and bridges. We also have Turkish electric oud models, which are designed as half ouds. These half ouds are not heavy; therefore, they are easy to carry around. Turkish electric ouds are tuned like Turkish ouds. We also provide Turkish silent electric ouds made of mahogany. Arabic electric ouds are slightly different than Turkish electric ouds; they are tuned one step lower. Arabic electric ouds have a walnut bowl, spruce face, ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, bone rosettes. Arabic electronic ouds also have professional models. The bowls of professional Arabic electric ouds are made by mahogany. Syrian professional electric ouds also have Mahogany bowls. They have a spruce face, ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, and bonerosettes. Syrian electric ouds are very similar to Arabic electric ouds in terms of their tuning. Their size is slightly bigger than the Arabic ouds. On the other hand, they contain the same facilities as Arabic electric ouds. Half-cut Syrian electric ouds are also available among the models of Syrian professional oud models. Most of the strings of our electric ouds are Pyramid, which is the leading oud strings brand. Our electric ouds come with extra strings, a plectrum, and a soft case. We assure you can find the best quality electric oud within our wide selection of electric oud models, for the best price.