Shourangiz (or shurangiz, shoorangiz) means “giving passion”. This instrument has been developed later than tar and setar by the Persian music master Hossein Alizadeh. It is a combination of tar and setar and it is bigger than setar and smaller than tar. The difference of shourangiz from tar and setar is in its material; the face of setar is completely wood, tar has a skin face whereas shourangiz’s face is partly wood and partly skin. This combination makes shourangiz to produce a unique sound, it is stronger than setar, softer than tar and it is rich. This instrument’s body is slightly bigger than setar which will give you a better control within performance. We provide you in our catalogue with this unique instrument which has been constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. Do not hesitate to visit our store or our website to buy a shourangiz. You will probably find here the right shourangiz for you at the best value.