Mey is a short oboe with a dark sound, originally played in north-eastern Turkey. Today it is playing part in folk music ensembles in all over Turkey. It is made of hard wood yet, the best wood to construct a mey is plum wood. Mey is composed of three parts; the body, the reed and the grip. The grip serves the tuning of the mey by being pushed up and down on the reed. Pitch range of a mey is one octave. There are seven finger-holes on the top of mey and one thumb-hole on the bottom. Mey is called as “balaban” or “balaman” in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Mey can be used as a solo instrument, on the other hand in ensembles it can play tunes, make the drone or be an accompaniment. We have a great variety of meys with different sizes in our catalogue, all hand-made and in high- quality. Do not hesitate to visit us in Istanbul or check our catalogue through our website. We believe you will find here the right mey at the best value.