G Clarinet

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    G clarinet is also called “Turkish Clarinet” given that it is now only used in Turkish (and also Balkan) ethnic and jazz music. (Clarinet is also mentioned as Gırnata in Turkey.) Today it is rarely used in western music, it even became obsolete. Pitches in G clarinet are played a fourth below the written note. This instrument is pitched a minor third below the B-flat clarinet. Its fingering system which is called as “Albert System” is also different than other clarinets. G Clarinet has a very bright, high-pitched sound. It is very suitable for the production of tuneful melodies and this woodwind instrument is appropriate either for the sorrowful or the cheerful sound of Turkish music. We have in our catalogue professional Turkish Clarinets which are made with delicate workmanship. Do not hesitate to visit our store in Istanbul or check our catalogue through our website. We believe you will find here the right Turkish Clarinet for you at the best value.