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    Persian classical music is about creating an ecstatic mood and an emotional bond between the listener and the performer. This emotional expression is given through a variety of Persian instruments each of which has a particular timbre and sound. You can live such experience by playing one of these instruments yourself, wandering in the beautiful dastgahs (modes or scale of a piece in Persian music).  We provide you in our catalogue with various Persian String Instruments (Santoor, Setar, Tar, Tanboor, Dotar, Shourangiz), Bowed Instruments (Persian Kamancheh, Azeri Kamancha), Woodwind Instruments (Persian Ney and Dozaleh) and Persian Drums (Daf, Tombak, Azeri Dayereh). All of our Persian instruments are hand-made, constructed by masters; you can decide to buy a standard, high-quality or professional instrument upon your budget and needs. You can always physically visit our store situated in Istanbul or see various models in our catalogue through our website. We believe you will find here the Persian instrument you would like to play at the best value.

    Common Features of Persian Instruments  

    Every country has its art. The basis of the difference of this art lies in the tastes of the people of the region. When the emotions are different, the art they produce is also various. The music culture of every nation has been transferred from generation to generation over the years.

    Since the origin of the music we call Iranian music is based on the Persian empire, it would not be wrong to say Persian music. In parallel with the developments in the 20th century, social changes have begun at every level of society. Persians started to play new Persian instruments by developing their musical culture.

    Persian instruments have a wide range and ethnic diversity. Iran has a variety of musical instruments. Today, nations in different parts of Iran make and use musical instruments that differ in their construction and sound themes.

    Thanks to their lifestyle and accessible facilities, Iran's regions have a variety of musical features and instruments. Although some Iranian instruments were introduced over time, traditional musical instruments influenced and inspired many regions.

    Most of these instruments have a vocal range of 2.5 octaves. The performance of these instruments is higher and faster than the human voice.