Tanbur (Tambur, Tanboor) is a long-necked lute, is now almost exclusively used for Turkish classical music either solo or in ensembles. This is a gracious and sensitive instrument generating a rich sound. It has virtually a hemispherical body; the bodies of the tanburs we have in our catalogue are made of wenge or walnut. The face or the soundboard are made of spruce which is a thin, resinous wood. Their pegs are in ebony. The long neck of tanbur can have up to 48 gut frets, the strings are in six to nine courses which creates a wide sound range. Tanbur is played with a tortoiseshell plectrum. We also provide bowed and cumbus tanbur under the tanbur category in our catalogue. Tanburs in our store are all hand-made, constructed by masters. You can always visit our store in Istanbul or check the variety of tanburs in our catalogue through our website. We believe you will find here the right tanbur for you at the best value.