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6 x Professional Oud Risha SOP-206
6 x Professional Oud Risha SOP-206 For some, the oud is the “king of instruments”. Made of wood, this short-neck, pear-shaped stringed instrument is similar to a lute. Its origins date back to the earliest Arab civilizations with the instrument’s...
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Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Half Hard Case HOC-404 Oud’s face is very thin, if a small pointed thing touches the face, it can crack the face. In addition, when the oud falls slightly, the bowl, face or other parts of it can be...
$149.00 $99.90
10 Pcs Picks For Turkish Baglama Saz EST-210
Picks for Saz   Buyer will receive 10 pieces Picks for Turkish Saz.  It comes With Wallet for Picks   Thickness is different for each pick   These picks made by Erdal Erzincan Workshop. Quality is Great.
The Baglama - Book For Saz Instrument TBK-203
 The Baglama Book Among all the Turkish folk music instruments, Baglama is one of the most important ones and plays an immense role in traditional Turkish music and folk stories. It is sometimes referred to as Saz which simply means “instrument” in Persian. Baglama and Saz are...
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Oud Stand KOS-204
$149.00 $99.00
Oud Stand KOS-204
Oud Stand KOS-204 When the oud stays in the bag, it does not get air, which will damage the instrument. You can keep your instrument on this stand and allow it to breathe. Wooden Portable Foldable The belt for securing...
$149.00 $99.00
10x Risha For Oud Or Cumbus
Risha For Oud and Cumbus The buyer will receive 10 pcs picks for oud 5 pcs black and 5 pcs white Risha for oud There are multiple ways to hold the risha. You may learn how to hold an oud...
Baglama Saz Stand KOS-206
Baglama Saz Stand KOS-206 Features of Baglama Saz Stand   Wooden The belt for securing the Saz Fits for all size Sazs  Thanks to the Baglama Saz Stand, your baglama will be much safer. Also, you can create a beautiful...
$99.00 $79.00
Turkish Music Makam Guide PMK-302
Turkish Music Makam Guide PMK-302 With 2 CD's Language: English By Murat Aydemir The aim of this Makam Guide is to make Turkish classical music more accessible, so that it can inspire musicians who would not otherwise have the opportunity...
$50.00 $39.99
Setar Strings
YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 PACKAGE HIGH-QUALITY SETAR STRING 1 Package included These strings; 2 strings 0,20 Red Setar strings 1 string 0,35 Red Setar strings 3 strings 0,20 White Setar strings   Setar is one of the truest, the most...
Professional Mezrab For Santoor SSM-302
Professional Mezrab ( Hammer ) For Persian Santoor Maker: Sadeghi Wood: Walnut It comes with felt installed
Oud Exercises Building Technique In English And Turkish Practice POE-201
Oud Exercises Building Technique    Languages: English And Turkish Enver Mete Aslan First, there was the meşk system. Then came the methods... As our conservatories developed and multiplied, so didi the published instrument methods. But they were insufficient. There jas...
5 Package Long Neck Turkish Baglama Saz Strings TRL-101
5 X Long Neck Turkish Baglama Saz Strings TRL-101 THE BUYER RECEIVE 5 PACKAGE STRINGS FOR TURKISH LONG NECK SAZ 1 package include 7 strings
Padded Oud Gig Bag Case SAFE-303
Padded Oud Gig Bag Case SAFE-303 Features of Oud bag case  Fashionable and exquisite design. The bag is perfect in workmanship. Made of high-quality materials. The thick sponge can prevent Oud from damage and thick adjustable straps make it more comfortable to...
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Premium Arabic Oud Strings AOO-112
Buyer will receive 1 package strings for Arabic Oud Strings Package includes 11 strings. Brand: Aurora Tuning: DO - SOL - RE - LA - SOL/FA - DO
Long Neck Baglama Saz Hard Case HSH-404L
Baglama Saz Hard Case HSH-404L For Long Neck Saz (23 Frets) Baglama case, Baglama hard case Made by polystyrene Waterproof Lightweight construction for easy travel Suspension cushions keep the Saz centred and suspended, prevent damage to the Saz With shoulder...
$199.00 $149.00
Fret For Setar And Tanboor
You will receive 1 package fret for Setar or Tanbour. 1 package enough for an instrument.
Long Neck Turkish Baglama Saz Strings TRL-101
The Buyer will receive 1 Package Saz Strings For Long Neck Saz 1 package includes 7 strings
11 PCS Professional Ebony Peg For Oud EOB-111
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3 PCS Professional Pick Risha Plectrum For Oud IOP-201
  How to Hold an Oud Risha There are multiple ways to hold the oud risha. You may learn how to hold an oud risha one way and would like to change it according to your style or comfort during your...
Trestle For Kamancheh TFK-404
Trestle For Kamancheh Now it is more comfortable to play a Persian or Azeri Kamancheh When you put the kamancheh on your leg, it hurts your leg and after a while you feel uncomfortable. With this trestle, it is more...
5 Packages Setar Strings
You Will Receive 5 Package Setar strings1 Package included These strings; 2 strings 0,20 Red strings 1 string 0,35 Red strings 3 strings 0,20 White strings The Persian Setar Strings is a Persian stringed instrument ("seh" means three, "tar" means...
High-Quality Tar Strings
supremeauctiononlinesoftware.widgets.FeedbackWidgetBasic.swf YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 PACKAGE HIGH QUALITY TAR STRINGSPackage included These strings;      3 strings 0,20 Red strings   1 string 0,35 Red strings        4 strings 0,20 White strings
Special Strings For Arabic Oud DEEP-C
Special Strings For Arabic Oud DEEP-C Handmade  The best Oud string ever made Made in Turkey for the highest quality and performance Feel authentic sound Deep Tone, Long Life, and Comfortable Playability Strings stay in tune 90% better than traditional strings! Tuning: C G D...
$50.00 $39.99
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