Black Sea Kemence (or just “Kemence”) is a Turkish bowed instrument particularly used in the Eastern side of Black Sea Region, that is why it is called “Black Sea Kemence” (Karadeniz Kemence . It was historically played by and for Pontic Greek, Laz, and Turkish sailors, today it is also played in Georgia and on Black Sea’s islands. It has the ability to make you cry or dance. Black Sea people know how to create sorrowful melodies with kemençe or play vibrant melodies depending on their mood. Black Sea kemence has tree strings. Its bowl is made of a hard wood such as mulberry or juniper, and its face is made of spruce or fir. The Black Sea Kemences we have in our catalogue are made of spruce and mulberry, they are all hand-made and of professional quality. Our Black Sea Kemençes are constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. You can always visit our store in Istanbul or check our catalogue through our website to find the best Karadeniz Kemence for you at the best value.