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    Everyone loves music, but there are many different ways to enjoy it. Listening to songs, humming them, playing an instrument… Each one somehow draws people into music and connects them to itself. Playing a musical instrument sometimes comes into people's lives as a hobby or a career choice. In this way, people get one step closer to music. Of course, there are hundreds of musical instruments that people can play. Finding the most suitable instrument for you has important benefits. Each instrument has its own unique and distinct sound. For example; a traditional plectrum can be used to play the oud instrument. This is also called “risha”. It serves a similar purpose as on a guitar but is specifically made for playing the oud. With "risha" you can reproduce tones in the most appropriate way and develop your own technique of playing that instrument. You can discover the unique nature of music in this way and start playing by finding the instrument that suits you best. Although sometimes considered as entertainment, it is undoubtedly a great tool for self-expression. In the world of music where things are constantly changing, more modern instruments appear every day. Keeping up with innovations and following the new trends are also very important in this sense.

    Every culture has its own instruments including Turkish, Arab and Persian cultures from past to present. These cultures, which are in constant interaction with each other, have also influenced a wide geography. Thanks to Sala Muzik, you can easily research the models of oud, darbuka, Turkish long-necked baglama, kemanche, daf, qanun and many different musical instruments of all cultures around the world, and you can have detailed information about technical details. It also has the chance to own these trend musical instruments and accessories. All these instruments can be purchased in an online-shop or right from the shop, and soon you could be able to play the incomparable sound yourself