Turkish Bowed Instruments

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    Turkish Bowed Instruments are essential in the performance of Turkish classical and folk music. Under Turkish Bowed Instruments category of our catalogue you can find varieties of Kabak Kemane, Kemence, Yayli Tanbur (bowed tanbur), and Classical Kemence. Kabak kemane is a spike fiddle and it is the only example of Turkish instrument with strings, a bow and a belly of skin. Yayli tanbur is the bowed version of Turkish Tanbur. Kabak kemane and yayli tanbur have a melancholic but also soothing timbre like classical kemençe which is used in Turkish classical music. Karadeniz kemençe (or just kemençe) is used particularly in the performance of Black Sea Region’s music. Black sea people either create sorrowful melodies with kemençe or play alive melodies depending on their mood. Turkish bowed instruments in our store are hand-made, constructed by masters. You can always visit our store in Istanbul or check our catalogue through our website to find the Turkish bowed instrument that inspires you the most.