Persian Woodwind Instruments

    The categories of Persian Woodwind Instruments in our store are Iranian Ney and Dozaleh. Ney has a prominent place in Iranian classical music orchestras as well as it is used in rural and urban music. It is a rim-blown flute and has a unique, sad and at the same time soothing sound. On the other hand, dozaleh is a double-piped clarinet and has a sharp timbre, a strong sound in high pitches. One of the pipes of dozaleh serves as a drone and the other one plays the melody. This instrument is mostly used in happy ceremonies. All Persian woodwind instruments that we sell are hand-made, constructed by masters. In order to see the Persian woodwind instruments in our store do not hesitate to visit us in Istanbul, you can also check the various ney and dozaleh models in our catalogue through our website. You will probably find in our store the right Persian ney or dozaleh for you at the best value.