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Ney By Master Saidi
Persian Ney By Master Saidi When the history of Ney is researched, it appears to be one of the oldest known wind instruments. The oldest examples of musical instruments made of cane were found during excavations in Mesopotamia. Ney Flute.The...
Ney By Shafii SIN-202
Persian Ney By Shafii 2 Mohr (stamps) Available A, F, F#, G  Tunes A 51,5 +/- 1 cmF 65 +/- 1 cmG 57,5 +/- 1 cm               supremeauctiononlinesoftware.widgets.FeedbackWidgetBasic.swf
Hard Case For Ney
HARD CASE FOR NEYSize: 6 X 80 cm
Soft Case For Ney And Kaval PNC-101
Soft Case For Ney And Kaval Size: 6 X 80 cm
Sold Out
5 PCS Persian Ney By Master Elizade
YOU WILL RECEIVE 5 PCS PERSIAN NEYSC 84 +/- 1 cmC# 81 +/- 1 cmD 77 +/- 1 cmE 69 +/- 1 cmG 57,5 +/- 1 cm
Padded Gig Bag Case For Woodwind Instruments SAFE-420
Padded Woodwind Instruments Gig Bag Case SAFE-420 Fashionable and exquisite design. The bag is perfect in workmanship. Made of high-quality materials. The thick sponge can prevent the instrument from damage and thick adjustable straps make it more comfortable to carry. The sleek...
$199.00 $99.90
Bag For Ney Set DNB-304
Bag For Ney Set  Well designed Bag For Ney. You can put inside 12 Neys.   Note: Neys Not included, you will receive only bag.
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Ney By Master Elizade
HIGH QUALITY PERSIAN NEY, NAY, FLUTE By MASTER ELIZADEAvailable F, F#, G TunesThese neys are high qualityIt comes with soft case Buyer will receive 1 Ney.  
Video Tutorial Training Ney DVD ADS-309
Video Tutorial Training Persian Ney DVD Language: Farsi
Bag For Ney DNB-206
$50.00 $39.00
Bag For Ney DNB-206
Bag For 6 Pcs Ney DNB-206 Well designed Bag For Ney. You can put inside 6 Neys. Waterproof With shoulder straps and solid handle, convenient for players carrying the instrument around. This case is suitable for Ney, Kaval, Duduk, Mey.....
$50.00 $39.00
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High-Quality Ney By Master Alavi
 Available A, B, Bb, C, C#, D, E, Eb, F, G, G# Tunes C  84   +/- 1 cmC# 81   +/- 1 cmD  77   +/- 1 cmE  69   +/- 1 cmG  57,5 +/- 1 cm      You will receive 1 unit...
Soft Case For Ney
HARD CASE FOR NEYSize: 6 X 80 cm
Sold Out
Ney Anban ENA-203
High Quality Persian Ney Anban Ney anban is a type of bagpipe which is popular in southern Iran, especially around Bushehr. The term ney anban literally means "bag pipe", but more specifically can refer to a type of droneless double-chantered...
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