Azeri Kamancha

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    Kamancheh is also a spike fiddle of Azerbaijan. It is called Kamancha there and again it fascinates the listeners with its beautiful, soft and moving sound. Azerbaijan Kamancha is slightly (3-5 cm) shorter than Persian Kamancheh. It is again convenient to use Azerbaijan Kamancha as a solo instrument as well as an accompaniment. We make available for you professional and special Azerbaijan Kamanchas in our store and website. We sell high-quality Kamanchas with bowl of walnut or wenge, pegs of rose or walnut, neck of maple, fingerboard of ebony. The skin of sturgeon which is a fish living in the Caspian Sea is used for the sound table. Our Azerbaijan Kamanchas are hand-made and constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. We make these valuable instruments reachable for you through our website. You can also visit our store in Istanbul to check these beautiful instruments. You will probably find here the right Azerbaijan Kamancha for you at the best value.