We also provide you with instruments that you cannot easily reach. Udu is one of these interesting instruments. In Igbo language udu means “vessel”.  It is a percussion instrument used in the Music of Igbo (Ibo) which is in Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a clay pot with an opening at the head and on the side, the pot is played by hands by striking. This idiophone was originally played by Igbo women for ceremonial purposes. Udu performers can generate various pitches in different dynamics by striking different parts of the udu. The timbre changing time to time from deep to pale can hypnotize the listeners. The udus we sell in our store are hand-made, professional udus. In order to see the udus in our store do not hesitate to visit us in Istanbul, you can also check our catalogue through our website. You will probably find in our store the right udu for you at the best value.

    What are the features of udu   

    Igbo women invented the udu drum in Southern Nigeria. This instrument is traditionally one of the women's ceremonial instruments. It is usually designed as a narrow-necked vase-like vessel made of clay. When playing the drums is that the playing technique varies. Udu has many features. The udu drum is different from the traditional drum set as it is made of clay. So there is no skin or membrane over the hole. The udu drum is played by hand.

    Udu players can make a bass sound by hitting the big hole quickly. Some like this can also change the tone of the voice. While playing the udu drum, the player can use both hands and fingers. The udu drum is an instrument widely used by percussionists in their performances and concerts.

    One of the most significant criteria of playing the oud drum is the percussion method. The louder the udu is, the harder it is to hit. But slow finger taps also help you produce basic bass sounds. Apart from that, you need to have high dexterity to play the udu. This ability is significant to fully use the fingers to produce the right sound.