Yayli Tanbur


    Yayli tanbur is the bowed (yayli) version of Turkish Tanbur. The Turkish Tanbur was first bowed by the composer and tanbur player Tanburî Cemil Bey in 1910. But today’s yayli tanbur is louder and it was developed as a type of Cumbus in 1930s; it has a louder voice due to its skin-head resonator. This instrument has a characteristic, sad, buzzy timbre. Its body is made of spun aluminum or wood, it has a wooden neck. This is a fretted instrument with thirty-one tied nylon frets in the lower octave and twenty-four in the higher octave. However players often move, add, or subtract frets. We have a variety of yayli tanbur in our catalogue with bowls made of walnut and aluminum, they are all hand-made and of professional quality. Our yayli tanburs are constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. You can always visit our store in Istanbul or check our catalogue through our website to find the best yayli tanbur for you at the best value.