Kabak Kemane

    Kabak kemane (or only kemane) is one of the oldest Turkish bowed instruments and is it extensively used in Anatolia. It is a fretless instrument and generates a melancholic sound. The back bowl and the neck of kemane is made of gourd or wood. The face is of stretched skin. It originally had tree strings, later a fourth string has been added to kemane to obtain a wider range of sound. Kemane continued to be developed and there are kemanes of five, six and even seven strings. Kabak kemane is a solo instrument, however it can also be used as an accompaniment in Turkish folk music ensembles. It constitutes the only example as a stringed and bowed instrument with stretched skin. Kabak kemanes in our store are hand-made, constructed by the best masters. You can always visit our store in Istanbul or check our catalogue through our website to find the best kabak kemane for you at the best value.