Persian Bowed Instruments

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    Persian Kamancheh and Azeri Kamancha are highly esteemed instruments of Persian Music with their moving sound. They are both spike fiddles, very similar to each other in body and size, Azeri Kamancha being slightly (3-5 cm) shorter than Persian Kamancheh. Persian Kamancheh is used for light music, it is the only bowed string instrument in the classical tradition of Iran. Both of these spike fiddles possess a soft, beautiful timbre and due to their technical possibilities, they can be used as a solo instrument as well as an ensemble instrument. These precious instruments can be hard to reach sometimes but we provide you in our catalogue with Kamanchas and Kamanchehs that are hand-made, constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. You can see these beautiful instruments in our store in Istanbul or you can also check the various models in our catalogue through our website. You will probably find here the right Azeri Kamancha or Persian Kamancheh for you at the best value.