Talking Drum

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    Talking drum originates from West Africa. It’s an hour-glass shaped drum that can imitate the tone and prosody of human speech. Due to its technical qualities this drum has tonal flexibility, so you can give a full performance by playing solo talking drum. It is a two-headed drum, the heads are attached to each other with leather tension chords. This drum is to be hang on the left shoulder so that it lies in an almost horizontal position under the left arm. The skin tension can be altered by the player so that the pitches of individual drumstrokes are different. Talking drum can be played by a stick or by hand. The talking drums we sell in our store are hand-made, constructed by masters. In order to see the talking drums in our store do not hesitate to visit us in Istanbul, you can also check our catalogue through our website. You will probably find in our store the right talking drum for you at the best value.