Tanboor or Tanbour (which can be spelled as tambour or tamboor) is the long-necked lute of Persia and today it is popular in Western Iran. Tanboor is used either in folk or classical music of Iran. Persian tanboor has a larger bowl than setar and it has two steel strings (three when the higher string is doubled). Tanboor is played by using all of the fingers of the right hand. Its bowl is made of mulberry wood, it has a wooedn soundboard and the neck is in general of walnut wood. Tanboor has 14 gut frets which are arranged chromatically. This instrument is used only in sacred music; therefore, it has a different repertory. We provide you in our catalogue with this unique instrument which has been constructed by makers who have mastered their craft. Do not hesitate to visit our store or our website to buy a tanboor. You will probably find here the right tanboor for you at the best value.