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    Kurdish buzuq which is also called as buzuk, bizik, biziq is a long-neck fretted lute. It is thought to be of Ottoman origin, but when you listen to it, you can think it is also related to Greek bouzouki and Turkish saz since you hear both Mediterranean and Anatolian timbres. Its soundbox is similar to an oud’s sound box. There are 24 movable frets on its neck, it can produce microtonal intervals. This instrument has originally been used by Kurds and Turkmens, and now it is also used by Arabs to accompany songs and in performances of Arab taqsim. The buzuqs we sell in our store are hand-made, constructed by masters. Their bowl are of walnut, faces are of spruce, necks are of maple and they have ebony fingerboars. In order to see the Kurdish buzuqs in our store do not hesitate to visit us in Istanbul, you can also check our catalogue through our website. You will probably find in our store the right buzuq for you at the best value.