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    Davul is a thong-braced, double-headed cylindrical drum of Turkey and is mostly used in folk music. Davul can be played as a solo instrument as well as an accompaniment. It has a special place in weddings and other festive events, especially when it accompanies zurna. It also accompanies other instruments for dances in several parts of Anatolia. This kind of drum is suspended on the shoulder. Davul is played with one stick and one wooden mallet. The mallet (tokmak) generates the deep and loud sound düm (bass drum sound) and the sharp, high-pitched accent made by striking the wooden drum frame. The stick (çomak) makes the high-pitched sound tek when it hits the drum skin. Our catalogue includes a wide variety of davul, each of which are professional and high-quality. All of our davuls are hand-made, constructed by best percussion makers. Our store is the right place to buy a davul and we believe you will find here the davul that you need at the best value.