Egyptian Darbuka

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    Darbuka is an essential percussion instrument used in traditional music in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans. These goblet drums are mainly used in traditional Egyptian music. We have a wide range of Egyptian darbukas in our catalog. The sizes, colors, and materials of our Egyptian darbukas vary according to their model and quality. All of our Egyptian darbukas are of good quality; we provide these drums in diverse quality levels in order to meet the different needs of the performers. All Egyptian darbukas in our store are made by luthiers who have mastered their crafts. The Egyptian darbukas in our catalog are remarkably preferred by the percussionists who value functionality, good sound, and best quality in an instrument. The makers we work with meet their new making skills, new techniques, and materials with their traditional craft. We sell metal darbukas with heads of synthetic skins because most of the performers favor these models due to their lightness and functionality. Synthetic heads are more practical since they are tunable, replaceable, and are not affected by temperature swings and humidity. They also produce a powerful, rich sound. We care that all the Egyptian darbukas in our store are of good quality and fit for the percussionists. The Egyptian darbukas in our catalog are categorized as standard and special darbukas. We have Egyptian darbukas made by the renowned luthier Cumbus, who has been producing musical instruments with excellent quality since the 1900s. The heads of all of these darbukas are tunable, and the darbukas even come to your hands with a tuning key, and also a soft carrying bag. Other manufacturers we work with are Masterwork and Dest Percussion. Dest Percussion the best Turkish luthiers in Turkey. Egyptian solo darbukas made by Dest Percussion are available in our store. These drums have aluminum shells that help to produce deep, low notes. On the other hand, high notes ring very well. Besides the aluminum doumbeks, we present in our store copper Egyptian darbukas as another option. All of our Egyptian darbukas have an authentic sound, and the artistry and the hand-workmanship on their making add value to these percussion instruments. We also keep professional Egyptian darbukas made by Emin Percussion in our catalog. Our professional darbuka produced by Gawharet El Fan is very much selected by professional performers. The body of this instrument is made of high-quality aluminum, and it is covered with a special mother of pearl. The sizes of these Egyptian darbukas are mostly larger than those of Turkish darbukas. For our customers who are looking for a more compact Egyptian darbuka, we provide a series of small Egyptian darbukas in our store. You can make your choice among many models and colors of Egyptian darbukas in our store. The colors and delicate ornaments on the darbukas present an aesthetic view. You can have these beautiful sounding drums for the best prices from our store. We believe the prices of our Egyptian darbukas are affordable. We assure you that you will find the most convenient Egyptian darbuka for you on our website for the best value.