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    Our catalogue includes a wide range of Turkish String Instruments and we have a variety of models in Turkish Oud, Saz (Baglama), Cumbus, Kanun (Turkish Zither), Louta and Tanbur categories.

    Baglama and Oud are among the most popular Turkish instruments and they have been essential respectively in Turkish classical and folk music. A wooden stringed instrument with a pitch of about two octaves, played with a plectrum (tezene), which is the most frequently used in almost every region of our Turkish folk music, is called a baglama. Kopuz is shown as the ancestor of Baglama. These two instruments are very similar to each other in terms of playing and shape. 

    Kanun is a unique instrument used in Turkish classical music with a bright timbre and its wide range of pitches. An indispensable part of orchestras in Middle Eastern countries and especially in Turkey, the Kanun musical instrument, which is in the string instruments group, is an instrument with a pleasant sound and timbre. The Kanun has a vocal range and breadth of 3.5 octaves. 

    If we look at the past periods, the qanun musical instrument, which was used especially in palaces, gained an aesthetic appearance due to the fact that the ladies played and presented their works at that time.

    As for Cumbus, you can assimilate it to an American banjo when you see it. Louta is actually the Oud particular to Istanbul, it means “lute of the city”. The Cumbus is a stringed musical instrument developed by Zeynel Abidin Cumbus at the beginning of the 20th century. The handle part can be separated from the point where it connects with the body. In this way, it can be turned into many instruments, such as the mandolin and guitar, by changing only the strings. Some parts of its body are made of aluminum. The chest board is covered with a leather thatch. Like other stringed instruments, it is played with a plectrum.

    Tanbur, which is a long-necked lute, is now almost exclusively used for Turkish classical music. The keyboard part of the tanbur is designed in accordance with the 24-interval system in Turkish music and has 48 frets. The tanbur, which is used as a seven-stringed instrument, has a vocal range of three octaves.

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