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    Bendir is a large single-headed frame drum. It is used in Turkish art music ensembles. The head is made of a skin stretched over a flat wooden hoop with 60 cm diameter at most. The skin of the head can be of plastic or animal skin. However, plastic heads are preferred by musicians more because it is durable to changing weather conditions and humidity. The bendirs with large diameter are mostly used in Mevlevî music. On the other hand, bendirs with 40, 45 and 50cm diameter are more common and give the musician the opportunity to show his or her technical skills. The preferred material for the rim is walnut and mahogany. We have a wide variety of bendirs in our catalogue; bendirs in different sizes, with or without jingles, bendirs made of mahogany, hornbeam, walnut etc. They are in high-quality, most of them are professional bendirs which were delicately constructed by masters. Our store is the right place to buy a bendir and we believe you will find here the right bendir for you at the best value.

    Types of Bendir   


    The Bendir has shape differences in itself; It can be diversified according to the body, leather, and tuning characteristics. In addition, among the Bendir varieties, the Bendir, which is artificial leather, is used with an internal or external tuning system. That is the defining feature of bendir varieties. At the same time, the quality and structure of the skin will also differentiate the characteristics of the voice. Tuning features appear in two different ways. These are the auger adjustment and the external adjustment system.


    There are also Moroccan drum types such as Bas Bendir, Udem, and Erbane. These genres are often due to stylistic differences, and their voices can differ significantly from one another. The timbre of the twist to be used varies according to the type of music to be made.


    There are some physical differences as well. It has a diameter of 40-50 cm and a circle of 6-7 cm. There is also a slight groove on the outer edge of the hoop for comfortable grip. Bendir, which can be in different sizes such as 40-50-55-60 cm, also differs in its flat features. It is used in folk music and hymns since the 12th century.


    Tuning is done in the form of internal stretching, external Allen, and heating. Here, the physical form of the material and the material produced are significant. Those who use the film often have an external tuning system.