Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404
Oud Hard Case HOC-404

Oud Hard Case HOC-404

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Oud Half Hard Case HOC-404

Oud’s face is very thin; if a small pointed thing touches the front, it can crack the face. In addition, when the oud falls slightly, the bowl, face, or other parts of it can be easily damaged. You can choose this oud hard case to protect your precious Oud from the slightest bumps.

  • Oud hard case made by Foam
  • Waterproof
  • Oud hard case is suitable for all kinds of Oud (Arabic, Turkish, Syrian, Iraq)
  • Lightweight construction for easy travel
  • Suspension cushions keep the Oud centered and suspended, preventing damage to the Oud
  • With shoulder straps and a solid handle, convenient for Oud players carrying instruments around.
  • Too light to carry. 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs)
  • Outside zippered three pockets for Accessories, iPad & music sheet.
  • Your oud will stay in a better tune than a soft case where pegs can easily get bumped.

Oud Hard case sizes:

  • Total Length Of Inside: 86 cm
  • Bowl Width: 38 cm

The Oud shown in the picture is not included.


 All About Oud 

Oud is a fretless string instrument with usually 11 strings in 6 courses. Being fretless is the most distinctive characteristic of the oud from a modern-day lute. Oud was played with a plectrum. It can be used in both traditional music and modern music pieces. There are different types of oud from region to region. Also, it varies by size and material, but the main body remains a type of wood.

Oud has a large soundbox connected to a short neck. The instrument has a pear-shaped body which is a deep, striped bowl made from lightweight wood. The wood should be light because the bowl is supposed to reverberate when it is struck. The soundboard, the front part of the body, contains one or two, sometimes three sound holes. These sound holes may be oval or they can be ornamented depending on the lands they are played on. There is a piece of fish skin or leather between the bridge and the soundhole in order to protect the belly from the strokes of the plectrum. The bowl of the oud is shaped by thin woods or ribs bent over a mold. The number of ribs varies from 16 to 21. The tuning pegs of the oud are screwed to the pegbox.

The quality of the material used in the making of the oud is important. The more the material is diverse, the better it sounds. A high-quality oud’s face is made from spruce. The tuning pegs and fingerboard are constructed from ebony. Maple, walnut, palisander, and mahogany are used for the bowl. 


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