Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123
Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123

Professional Turkish Qanun MK-123

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Professional Turkish Qanun (Kanun)

  • This qanun made by Plane wood.
  • Tuning Pegs Ebony
  • Mandals Alpaca
  • Strings PVF 
  • Tuning from low A (la) to high E (mi)
  • 78 strings in 26 courses

It comes with;

  • Professional Hard case
  • Professional Tuning Key
  • Professional Plectrums 
  • Professional Rings



As the little sister of the Oriental Santoor and distant relative of the Cimbalo, the Kanun instrument represents an honorable member of the family of zithers. Already known since the 10th century, the Moors brought the Kanun to South-West-Europe and enriched the musical culture of Andalusia back then.

Soundly you can compare this instrument in Western music as a wonderful mix of a classical guitar and the harp. Almost anyone, who learns more about the influences of Oriental music is recognizing this incomparable tone, that not only beautifies ensembles and orchestras in the Arab world, but also in Spain.

The Professional Turkish Kanun MK-123, which we offer you for your individual art of tones, conjures you and sends you with its great sound right into the exciting European/Oriental history of the Medieval world.

Handmade by the best Kanun-maker in Turkey - Mustafa Saglama - you are feeling this constructional unicum in your hands, right after the first tone. He made it only for you according to the old traditional rules, and also according to his huge and masterly expertise, bringing you a stringed instrument to delight you for many years.
A trapezoid body with 78 strings gives you a very wide tonal horizon and brings you in the wonderful position to express your melodies at its best. Right below the strings you find a kind of carpeting, creating this distinguished sound opposite to its relatives, comparable to the drumhead of a Banjo.

Very artistic decorations in many places invite you to lose yourself in its musical beauty. The strings are made of the newer Fluorocarbon, which gives you bigger longevity of your strings, and that create the great tone, similar to Nylon strings.

Purchase now this Turkish Kanun instrument and bring its beautiful musical personality in your possession because you deserve to play excellent music on it, charming your audience and your musical colleagues.



The kanun is a string instrument that is widely used in the Middle East and North Africa. Its name comes from the word 'law' in Arabic meaning 'law and governance'. The known history of the kanun instrument is BC. It dates back to the 19th century. The oldest known law was found in the city of Syriac called Nimrud. Kanun instrument is an instrument in the stringed instruments group with a pleasant voice and timbre.

It is a 24 or 27 pitched instrument. 3 strings tones the sound in each pitch. With this structure, it is similar to the sound system of the keyboard. The strings are made of nylon wire, specially produced for musical instruments. In the initial stages, beam wires made of intestines were used instead of nylon wires.

The professional kanun used in Turkish art music has 26 frets and if it is calculated that three wires are attached to each fret, a total of 78 wires. The thickness of these wires is from top to bottom; 0.60 mm. 0.70 mm. 0.80 mm. 0.90 mm. 1.00 mm. 1.10 mm. 1.20 mm. in diameter.

The person who plays the qanun instrument is called the qanuni. It is known as a stable voice instrument that does not have any problems with sound and accord due to the fact that the qanun accord, which is one of the indispensable instruments of Turkish music ensembles, does not deteriorate and the number of wires is high.

This instrument, which was used for a while in the 17th century and could not see the interest it expected after being played, was able to see the attention it expected thanks to Kanuni Hacı Arif Bey and his works, and thanks to Arif Bey, he gained its importance today. The qanun instrument has a 3.5 octave sound range and width, and with this feature it has managed to show its difference…

Considering its historical background, the qanun instrument used especially in the palaces has gained an aesthetic appearance as the women also played and presented their works in those times.

Kanun for sale.

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