Turkish Drum Instruments

    Turkish drums constitute the basis of Turkish classical and folk music. Bendir, Davul, Riq and Turkish Darbuka constitute the variety of Turkish drums in our catalogue. Darbuka which can either be an accompaniment or a solo instrument is the joy of Turkish music and we believe fast rhythms played on Darbuka can make anybody dance. Bendir is a classical Turkish music instrument, it is a frame drum and has a soothing sound. Riq is also a frame drum, but it is smaller and has jignles. As for Davul, it is much larger than the previous percussions. It is a thong-braced, double-headed cylindrical drum of Turkey and is mostly used in folk music. Davul can be played as a solo instrument as well as an accompaniment. It has special place in weddings and other festive events. All of our Turkish drums are hand-made, constructed by masters. Our store is the right place to buy a Turkish drum and we believe you will find here the Turkish drum that inspires you most at the best value.