Dest Hard Case For Tar HTC-404
Dest Hard Case For Tar HTC-404
Dest Hard Case For Tar HTC-404
Dest Hard Case For Tar HTC-404
Dest Hard Case For Tar HTC-404
Dest Hard Case For Tar HTC-404

Hard Case For Tar HTC-404

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Persian Tar Hard Case HTC-404

Features of Tar Case

  • Made by polystyrene
  • Waterproof
  • Tar case is suitable for all kinds of Persian Tars
  • Lightweight construction for easy travel
  • Suspension cushions keep the Tar centered and suspended, prevent damage to the Tar
  • With shoulder straps and a solid handle, convenient for Tar players carrying instruments around.
  • Too light to carry. 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs)
  • Outside zippered 1 pocket for Accessories

It is very important to use the Tar case, especially to avoid any damage outside. In addition, it stays in a tar case and prevents it from getting dirty. It makes your tar instrument can easier to carry with tar case on long journeys.

All About Persian Tar

Tar has a long neck structure; It is a stringed instrument used in Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and partially in Turkey.

The word tar means "tel" in Persian. The person who plays the tar is called style or tarist. This instrument has a two-and-a-half octave pitch. It was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO 8 years ago.

Tar; It is the ancestor of instruments such as setar, dutar, claçtar, and guitar. When and where this instrument is first and second milk is the place where the name tar is mentioned in a few poems from the 10th century, although we do not have much information. 3 different trees are used for the construction of the field consisting of three parts. Its boat consists of two bowls of different sizes and is generally made of mulberry wood. Mulberry trees are used in order to prevent cracking while carving the boat and to make the sound more beautiful. The stem is usually made of harder wood such as walnut. The hazelnut tree is used for the head part called the head.

Tar types are divided into four: solo tar 86-89 cm long, orchestral tar 83-86 cm long, student tarry 72-76 cm long, and cura tar.

The tar can be tuned in different ways. However, some tunings are more preferable than others for especial dastgahs. The range of the tar is almost two and a half octaves. The fingerboard has twenty-five to twenty-eight adjustable gut frets. These frets indicate the location of the notes and made of the sheep gut. The tar is played by a plectrum which is usually made of brass with the length of 3 cm. The half of the plectrum is covered by wax so that the player can hold it easily. Recently some plastic plectrums have been produced too.

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