6 x Professional Oud Risha SOP-206

6 x Professional Oud Risha SOP-206

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6 x Professional Oud Risha SOP-206

The Buyer will receive six pcs Oud picks with different thicknesses.

Are you looking for the perfect Oud picks for your professional music performance? Look no further than the 6 Professional Oud Risha SOP-206 Picks! These picks are made from high-quality materials and come in various thicknesses, making them perfect for any musician. The picks are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable playing experience while providing great sound. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, these picks will help you take your music to the next level. Get your hands on these picks today and start playing like a pro!


About Oud: 

For some, the oud is the “king of instruments”. Made of wood, this short-neck, pear-shaped stringed instrument is similar to a lute. Its origins date back to the earliest Arab civilizations with the instrument’s name derived from the Arabic for ‘the wood’ [al-oud]. Its popularity quickly spread and today, the oud forms a core part of the musical traditions of countries across central Asia, Anatolia, the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East.

How to Choose Oud Risha

The strings of the oud were traditionally plucked using an eagle's feather, known in the Arab world as an Oud risha (and in Turkey as a mizrap). However, eagle feathers are not readily available nowadays, so modern players have looked to other materials. Many professional players use a risha made from horn (of a cow, for example), which is softened first by being soaked in oil. Plastic rishas are also very popular both for beginner and professional, due to their cheapness and availability.

How to Hold an Oud Risha

There are multiple ways to hold the risha. You may learn how to hold an oud risha one way and would like to change it according to your style or comfort during your journey. For example, you can hold the Oud risha between your index and thumb, not allowing too much or to little stick out. The rest of your fingers are curled around the Oud risha. And your thumb is curved. Or you can hold the Oud risha the same, but shorten the length that sticks out from between your fingers. You can play harder and stronger. And also you can use a thick, heavy Oud risha. The bigger the area, more string area you’re going to hit. This is good for rhythmical playing, but it might be clumsy when you require finesse. 

Please see our recommendation on how to hold an oud risha in the youtube video below. The strings of the oud are struck with the tip of the risha - downstrokes, upstrokes or a mixture of both are used, depending on the player's preference or the desired effect (downstrokes tend to produce more volume and a sharper 'attack'). Rapid alternation between downstrokes and upstrokes is known as tremolo. A good risha technique is one of the main signs of an accomplished oud player, so it is worth spending time on this aspect of your playing.

When Will I receive my order? 
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Does Sala Muzik Ship Internationally? 
We currently ship anywhere in the World.

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