Nota The Baglama - Book For Saz Instrument TBK-203

The Baglama - Book For Saz Instrument TBK-203

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 The Baglama Book

Among all the Turkish folk music instruments, Baglama is one of the most important ones and plays an immense role in traditional Turkish music and folk stories. It is sometimes referred to as Saz which simply means “instrument” in Persian. Baglama and Saz are used somewhat interchangeably in Turkish. Although it has somewhat of a sorrowful sound to it, Baglama is also used as an entertainment instrument across Anatolia. The ancestor of Baglama is Kopuz, which is repeatedly mentioned in old Turkish tales. Having a history of more than 1500 years, Kopuz is played by Turkish Tribes of Middle Asia and brought into Anatolia by minstrels. Over time, Kopuz evolved into Baglama, which is a fretted instrument with a pear-shaped body. The standard sizes of a Baglama are still not decided upon, so the body and the neck can vary according to the expectations of the Baglama player. Material of the body, length of the neck, fineness of the workmanship can be parameters when purchasing a Baglama.

What makes a good quality Baglama? - Baglama Book

No matter which type of Baglama you are planning to play, there are few features to look for before you purchase your instrument. First, you have to make sure that the instrument doesn’t have any fractures or scratches. The neck of the Baglama should definitely be straight, and it is also really important that the strings don’t touch the frets but at the same time, they should not be very far away from the frets. Ideally, the gap between the strings and the frets is 3 mm. The wider it gets, the harder it is to play. The material used in the making of a Baglama is also very important. There are different types of tree trunks giving different types of sounds but generally mulberry wood, Juniper, Mahogany or walnut are used in the making.

A Method Book For The Turkish String Instrument Saz

Baglama book is for Saz instrument. You can find out everything about baglama book.


baglama book

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