Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404
Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404
Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404
Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404
Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404
Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404

Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404

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Tunable Tongue Drum Aquadrum Pro 11 ATD-404 

Award-winning tuning system lets you tune to any musical scale, including microtones
Pressed steel, tempered and quenched for the purest musical resonance
Each tongue tuneable up to 6 semitones
Perfect for any pro percussionist looking for a rich, diverse sound
The instrument is designed to make all the modes (G-F), microtonal maqams, the range is available to reach wide pentatonic at some tones. (F-E)
"tunable tongue drum" "tongue drum pro"
Made from the best quality materials

Tongues are cut with a computer operated laser cut for precise measurements. Tuning magnets are placed manually following this process. And finally, a rust-free coating is applied for a fine texture and a cool touching feeling. High-quality steel is pressed with a special molding with precision, tempered and quenched for a high quality and vibrant sound.

Tunable Tongue Drum

Aquadrum uses only the best materials to craft your steel tongue drum. Starting with high-quality pressed steel, the Aquadrum Pro 11 is molded with precision. The material is then tempered and quenched to produce a vibrant, entrancing resonance.

With an anti-rust coating, you can be safely assured the Aquadrum will maintain its beautiful matte finish over the years. The matte coating provides a smooth, cool feeling on your hands that becomes a familiar and compelling sensation.

To ensure accurate tuning and the purest sound, tongues are laser cut for precise measurement. This gives you accurate tuning over many years of playing. Tuning magnets are then manually placed under the tongues. These can easily be adjusted at a microtonal level.

Add color to any situation
For percussion artists, the Aquadrum is a valuable tool. You can fine-tune each pitch on a microtonal level, allowing you to play within or beyond equal temperament. Tuning is quick, easy, and accurate thanks to the award-winning design. Each tunable tongue drum can be tuned up to six semitones. That’s perfect if you’re traveling and playing with musicians from cultures around the world and want to play in exotic scales.
For casual percussion artists and meditation, the Aquadrum is also a great tool for musical creativity and relaxation. Set it up in the park on a sunny day, sit back and take in the tranquil air. The Aquadrum will wrap you up in a timeless state of entrancing resonance.

If you’re looking for a pro instrument with compelling, entrancing resonance – look no further than the Aquadrum Pro 11.

Key: Any
Material: Pressed steel
Finish: Matte, anti-rust coating
Colour: Black
It comes with Soft case and tuning key

Beautiful, entrancing resonance. Cool textured feel. The Aquadrum Pro 11 is a carefully crafted steel tongue drum with an easy-access note layout. Made from high-quality pressed steel, you get a vibrant and compelling sound like nothing else. An award-winning tuning system that's not only easy to use but allows you to tune to any musical scale, including microtonal scales. It's perfect for travelling percussionist. You can use the Aquadrum Pro 11 to add colorful, percussive sounds to any situation. The natural resonance inspires deep listening and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

"tunable tongue drum" "tongue drum pro"

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