9 Notes Handpan Drum PAN-4
9 Notes Handpan Drum PAN-4
9 Notes Handpan Drum PAN-4

9 Notes Handpan Drum PAN-4

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9 Notes Handpan Drum PAN-4

Feature of 9 Notes Handpan Drum

9 Notes Handpan Drum is a handmade musical instrument.

It has made of nitrogen steel
9 Notes Handpan Drum has a perfect tuning
9 notes in D Minor. Each of the 9 notes has a beautifully resonant
Diameter: 22.8 inches | Height: 10 cm
9 Notes Handpan Drum comes with a high-quality Padded bag

History of Handpan Drum

Handpan drum is a musical instrument that was first produced in Switzerland in 2000.

Described as a "hypnotic instrument". The Handpan drum was produced as a percussion instrument by two Swiss citizens, Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner, as a result of their long research and investigations in different parts of the world.

How to Play?

The Handpan drum musical instrument resembling a turtle shellmade entirely of steel, is placed on the lap and played using hands and fingers. The instrument, which belongs to the group of idiophones, has a sound reminiscent of harp, gong or harmonic tones. Different sounds and notes are obtained through vibration by hitting small pits on its surface.

The most exciting thing about the instrument is that anyone can play it with ease. Thanks to this, more and more people are choosing this musical instrument as a way to relax and calm themselves. It also began to gain popularity among yoga teachers. 

And since it is a new instrument, there is no rule about how you should play it; It's up to you to choose any style.

Although its creators developed 45 different models between 2001 and 2005, Handpan, which does not have a settled rule or method for playing, has been researched extending to Indonesia and South India.

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