Turkish Professional Ney
Turkish Professional Ney
Turkish Professional Ney
Turkish Professional Ney
Turkish Professional Ney
Turkish Professional Ney

Turkish Professional Ney

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This Nay made by one of a best Nay Maker in Istanbul.

Best Quality.

It is exactly the same as in pictures.

In pictures and Video  it is Kiz Ney (B)

We can make other sizes also.




The Ney ( Nay, Nai, Nye) is an ancient musical instrument that has been played for 4500-5000 years. Although it is as old as the pyramids in Eygpt; it is still in use. The Nay is made of reed and is an end-blown flute which has a simple, long body with finger holes on it. The name Ney is an ancient word for reed in Persian and is made of piece of reed. 

The Turkish ney is an end-blown reed flute, the term is derived from the Persian nay, "reed.”, an Ottoman variation on the ancient nay. Together with the Turkish tanbur lute and Turkish kemençe fiddle are considered the most typical instruments of Classical Turkish music. Turkish Ney is simple in design, however it can achieve a range of three octaves. Turkish neys are divided into several categories based on length, and are capable of making lower tones than the Arab ney.

The Turkish Ney has seven finger holes, six on the front of the instrument, and one on the back. The thumb hole on the back is not centered, it is angled to the left or right depending on whether the instrument was intended to be played with the left or right hand on top.

A feature that distinguishes Turkish Ney from similar instruments of other cultures is the flared mouthpiece or lip-rest, called a Baspare- Bashpare, traditionally made of water buffalo horn, ivory, or ebony, but in modern times many are plastic or similar durable material. The Turkish ney is played by pressing the bashpare against nearly-closed lips and angling the flute so that a narrow air-stream can be blown from the center of the lips against the interior edge to the left or right, depending on whether the flute is left- or right-handed in construction. This technique gives a lower volume, but a better controlled sound compared to the technique used with the Persian ney or the Mongolian tsuur, which are played by tucking the mouthpiece under the upper lip and making contact with the teeth.

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