Professional Turkish Ney With Horn Baspare RNH-404
Professional Turkish Ney With Horn Baspare RNH-404
Professional Turkish Ney With Horn Baspare RNH-404

Professional Turkish Ney With Horn Baspare RNH-404

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This Ney made by one of a best Ney Maker in Istanbul. It is with Horn Baspare.

  • Best Quality.
  • It is exactly same as in pictures and video.
  • In pictures and Video it is Kiz Ney (B)
  • Other sizes available also.
The Turkish ney is an end-blown reed flute, the term is derived from the Persian nay, "reed.”, an Ottoman variation on the ancient ney. Together with the Turkish tanbur lute and Turkish kemençe fiddle are considered the most typical instruments of Classical Turkish music. Turkish Ney is simple in design, however it can achieve a range of three octaves. Turkish neys are divided into several categories based on length, and are capable of making lower tones than the Arab ney.

Sumerians used Ney instrument for the first time in Mesopotamia. In the Sumerian society BC. The earliest discovery we have of this instrument, which is thought to have been used since 5000 BC, is. It is the reed from the years 3000-2800, which is exhibited at the Philadelphia University Museum in America today. It is believed that the instrument was used in religious ceremonies in those times.

Another form of ney instrument is BC. It is in the form of a double pipe whistle used in China in the 1249's. Today, this instrument is still used around Turkistan.

The Turkish Ney has seven finger holes, six on the front of the instrument, and one on the back. The thumb hole on the back is not centered, it is angled to the left or right depending on whether the instrument was intended to be played with the left or right hand on top.

Compared to most fipple flutes and reed instruments, Turkish Ney is very difficult to play at first, often taking several weeks of practice to produce a proper sound at all, and even more to produce the full range of pitches. A skilled ney instrument player can sound around 100 identifiable different tones in a two-and-a-half octave range or more.

Turkish Ney, together with the kudüm, are the two main instruments of Mevlevî music, but have been widely used since very early periods in secular music as well. There are several different sizes of ney instrument, each with its own name, including (from low to high register) bolahenk, davut, sah, mansur, kizneyi, müstahsen, and sipürde. These names are used as tunings (ahenk) in classical Turkish music. Of the twelve sizes of neys, seven are tuned to natural tones, and five to half tones. The half tone of each of the chief tones is known as maybeyn. There are also neys an octave above the lowest register neys such as bolahenk and davut neys; these are known as nisfiye neys.

"ney instrument"- "turkish ney"

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