Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8
Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8

Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8

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Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8

The traditional string-instrument, based in the Oriental world – the so-called “Oud” – has cultivated many thousand years of music-history in Arabic, but also in the Western world. Probably you also ever thought about playing this amazingly matchless instrument or you are already familiar with it?

Well, then Sala Muzik offers you a significant and beautifully designed Oud, which is called the “Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8”. It brings you in the position, no matter where you play it, to bring the Orient close to you and to go back to the millennials to study the ancient prehistory of our common global culture of music.

Only for you, we are building this great instrument, by Sala Muzik itself and therefore we unite the traditional and opulent way of construction for this exemplary body while using only exquisite materials to match your optical and tonal requirements, that makes you not want to stop playing it.

The beautifully created body is made of fine Wenge-wood and it awards you with a surprisingly deep and expressive character, to charm you and your listeners every time you play a note. The top of Canadian cedar wood ennobles your new instrument with gorgeous ornaments and convinces you and your audience optically. Whether you are playing this Oud on stage or it hangs on the wall – it is an absolute eye-catcher, which is waiting for you right here!

The fingerboard, built with very solid and durable supports you to play every tope with brilliance. Precisely because an Oud has no frets like a guitar, we do everything for delivering you an authentic and great playing experience, so you can express your melodies as its best. Even the Ebony-wood pegs for tuning are structured for supporting you get the right tune for your instrument quickly, so you can start playing immediately.

The Premium Arabic Oud SALA-A8 presents an absolute pro-instrument, which matches your highly individual demands and will accompany your musical way for a long time. Though it is also a perfect choice for you as an amateur when you want to learn this traditional and peerless instrument.

You can purchase this instrument in our online-shop, right at Sala Muzik, and soon you could be able to play the incomparable sound yourself. We deliver for you an additional set of extra strings, so you can be prepared to keep playing, in case any strings are breaking sometimes. With the included plectrum you can perform the famous way of playing your new Oud, to express your better musically.

Impart your environment the arabic flair already after the first tone you play, drinking black tea, sitting in the sunset…


  • Maker: Sala
  • An amazing deep sound and very comfortable to play. 
  • Tuning: C, G, D, A, G, C


  • Bridge To Nut: 60 cm
  • Bowl 50cm


  • Wenge Bowl 
  • Canadian Cedar Face
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony Pegs 

It comes with:

  • Extra strings, 
  • Plectrum 
  • Soft Case
This Oud is Exactly the Same as on the Pictures

When Will I receive my order? 
The delivery time by free shipping is 3-5 weeks to worldwide. 
The delivery time by DHL shipping is 2-4 days to worldwide.

Does Sala Muzik Ship Internationally? 
We currently ship anywhere in the World.

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