9 Notes D Minor Hang Drum SHG-4
9 Notes D Minor Hang Drum SHG-4
9 Notes D Minor Hang Drum SHG-4
9 Notes D Minor Hang Drum SHG-4

9 Notes D Minor Hang Drum SHG-4

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9 Notes D Minor Hang Drum SHG-4


Introducing the mesmerizing 9 Notes D minor Hang Drum SHG-4, an instrument designed to unlock new dimensions of sound and musical expression. Expertly tuned to the soul-stirring key of D minor, this Hang Drum is more than an instrument; it's an invitation to explore musical landscapes filled with emotion and creativity.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite Tuning: Crafted with precision, the D minor Hang Drum offers perfect tuning in nine resonant notes. Each note rings with clarity and beauty, creating a harmonic tapestry that can move listeners to tears or joy.
  • Nine Beautiful Notes: With nine carefully selected notes in the key of D minor, this Hang Drum is versatile and expressive. Whether playing solo or accompanying other instruments, the rich sound opens doors to endless musical possibilities.
  • Quality Construction: Featuring a diameter of 22.8 inches and a height of 10 cm, the 9 Notes Handpan Drum is built to last. The quality of materials and craftsmanship ensures consistent performance and a timeless appearance.
  • Intimate Playing Experience: The D minor Hang Drum is played with the hands, allowing a connection with the instrument that's both physical and emotional. It's a tactile experience that brings musicians closer to the essence of music itself.

The 9 Notes D minor Hang Drum SHG-4 is a jewel for musicians, composers, and music lovers alike. It's an instrument that transcends boundaries and genres, resonating with the universal language of sound and emotion


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