Hamid Mousavi High Quality Santoor MAS-309
Hamid Mousavi High Quality Santoor MAS-309
Hamid Mousavi High Quality Santoor MAS-309

High Quality Santoor MAS-309

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High Quality Persian Santoor / MAS-309

  • Maker: Hamid Mousavi (One of the best santoor maker in Iran)
  • Tuning: SOL (G) Tuning
  • Walnut Wood
  • Bronze and brass strings
  • Walnut bridges

Comes with:

  • Hard case 
  • Extra Strings
  • Two hammers 
  • Tuning wrench



Santoor is an instrument originated in Iraq, Iran and India. The classic santoor has 72 - 160 wires. But The Persian Santoor is about 90 cm wide at its broad end, 36 cm wide at its narrow end and 6 cm deep.These wires are played with small plectrum(zahme) made of wood. There are also piano-like pedestal types of santoor called ”Cimbalom”. In this way, both musical instruments and percussion instruments are called cordophones. Persian Santoor, a Kitara genre, is formally similar to the qanun.

Persian Santoor is played with plectrum or zahme. The person who plays Santoor is called santurzen or santurî. It is both a stringed and percussion instrument. Usually there is 9 bridge. Because the  sound is on the left note. The left key is based. (the number of thresholds may increase or decrease depending on the tones). It consists of three octaves. Usually steel, bronze and brass wires are used. (brass and bronze wires are used for bass sounds). Four strings are placed on each bridge. Persian Santoor consists of 72 and 160 wires. 72 strings are said to symbolize 72 nations. The walnut tree is said to have the best sound in the dulcimer (Arkadavan Kamkar also said it was made of hazelnut tree).

High Quality Santoor

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