Electric Saz - Baglama

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    Baglama has been the instrument of the minstrels in Turkey for centuries. Minstrels have expressed people's love, sorrow, resentments, and happiness with Baglama; they conveyed our tales the same way. On the other hand, Baglama is also played for entertainment purposes in cities and in country side. Baglama is a pear-shaped lute, it can be long-necked and short-necked. It is also called Saz which simply means “instrument” in Turkish. Baglama is one of the most widely-played instruments in Turkey. If you have decided to play this special instrument, we offer you a wide range of Baglama types in our store. Our Baglamas are grouped as standard, professional and special Baglama depending on the musician’s needs. They are all hand-made and are in good quality so as they can respond to the requirements of a Baglama player. We present in our catalogue Long Neck Saz , Short Neck Baglama, and Electric Saz varieties. We believe you will find the most suitable Baglama among the Baglamas in our collection at the best value.