Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101
Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101
Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101
Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101
Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101
Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101
Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101

Professional Daf By HaPa PDR-101

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Professional Daf by HaPa

Specifications of pre-tunned Daf:

Diameter 53cm (28.8”)
Width 5.4cm (2.12”)
Weight 810 g (1.78 lb.)

Daf by HaPa

It should be noted that in circular instruments the wider the drum shells are the higher the bass sound is. The reverse is also done. Therefore, the pre-tuned dafs are made with four different widths of drum shells, in order to provide different sound tastes and more options of choice for drummers and users with different sized-hands.

Another specification of these drum shells is that they are made by wood carving instead of bending process. Pre-tuned dafs are made of 36 and tunable dafs with 60 wooden pieces, which leads to a greater resistance of the circular shape of the drum shell. As a result, under pressure, heat or cold, the circular shape of the drum shell won’t change over time.

HaPa's Dafs are made in a variety of fixed (Pre-tuned) and tunable forms. These Dafs are made with Remo's synthetic drumheads known as "Fish Skin", that has a very high resistance as well as a pleasant and warm sonority. The feel and looks of the “Fish Skin” is almost identical to a natural skin. There's no sign of common talc or synthetics.

Daf by HaPa

About HaPa:
HaPa Drums is a drum manufacturing company, collaboration between Pejman Hadadi and Padouk Drums Company established.
Improved quality, the highest production standards with a perfect sonority and customer satisfaction are our ultimate goals. Due to the quality improvement and high manufacturing standards, raw materials are chosen with special care and exactness under the supervision of our specialists.
Most of Hapa's drums are made of Remo manufacturing drumheads, which are made of synthetic fiber (Mylar) with a unique quality and a specific industrial graphics and design.

The outcome of Remo’s 60 years of experience in making synthetic drumheads is a high demand on their products, among many drummers, percussionists and drum manufacturers around the world. Remo’s logo is noticeable almost on every drumhead around the globe. HaPa’s percussion instruments are not an exception in this case. So to maintain and provide high quality, a variety of Remo heads are chosen for different drums.
HaPa drums provides long-lasting and durable products and guarantees musicians and users satisfaction.
Daf by HaPa

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