Professional Daf By Afshari AD-304
Professional Daf By Afshari AD-304
Professional Daf By Afshari AD-304

Professional Daf By Afshari AD-304

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Professional Persian Daf / AD-304Diameter: 54 cm (21.25 inches)

  • Weight: 0.75 kg (0.70 ~ 0.80 kg) 
  • Width: 5 cm ( 2 inches )
  • Head: Synthetic, Specially designed for a natural Iranian daf sound
  • Maker Afshari
  • It comes with Soft Case

The Daf instrument is a large frame drum from the Middle East. It is commonly used in ArmeniaIranTurkey, Azerbaijan and also in Greece. It can spell as Daf, Daff, Deff, Duff. The frame is made of wood and covered with a lot of metal rings attached around it. The membrane of a daf is mostly made of animal skin, like a goat, horse, and cow but in modern versions, synthetic materials are also in use.

The frame is made of a strong wood. The diameter of it is about 48 - 55 cm wide. The skin of the daf instrument is strongly glued to cover the frame. In order to keep skin tight, metal pins are nailed behind the frame. There are no jingles in the Daf instrument. In the inner part of the wooden frame, there are hooks that help the rings hanging. These rings work like jingles when the instrument moves.

The history of frame drums based on the ancient times. The persian daf instrument is one of the ancient musical instrument in Iran and neighboring countries.They have strong and dramatic sound with a simple structure and used both in spiritual rituals and entertainment gatherings. Daf instrument is known as one of the oldest frame drums from the ancient history of Asia and Africa. In Sufi culture, they use daf instrument for spiritual chanting and Iranian musicians integrated that successfully in Persian music The player usually holds the persian daf instrument with left hand (for right handed players). Persian daf instrument has four main techniques. Using these four techniques, all different rhythms and sounds can be produced on Daf. The right hand techniques are called “Tom” and “Bak” and left hand techniques are called “Chap” and “Zanjir”.  In Iran, Sufis use persian daf instrument during their Zikr rituals (spiritual chanting); in recent years Iranian musicians have successfully integrated it into Persian music.

In a world where even musical instruments go extinct and forgotten, daf can still hold its place and survive in some cultures today. Although Daf does not have the worldwide popularity it used to have, it is still a big accomplishment for an instrument to survive thousands of years in different cultures. Just imagine how many different objects Persian tried to make music with and decided that Daf was better than the most. As a result, Daf has managed to preserve its popularity and relevance. 

Looking at its status today, Daf instrument is still fairly popular in many classical orchestras which lean a little bit towards oriental music taste. It is very common to stumble upon a daf player when visiting any musical show in countries such as Turkey, Armenia, or Greece. Not only the oriental classic music but also folk music and in some instances of pop music of these countries have a place for Daf because of its unique oriental spice.

Afshari is one of a best Persian instruments maker in Iran. This daf is the best daf of Afshari. It is a 3 mohr Daf of Afshari. 

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