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    Ethnic Music is a type of music that belongs to the culture of a certain people of a certain region and a certain community. Since music is a universal language, it is an activity that human beings enjoy listening to and cannot give up. Ethnic music is also an element that introduces the society as it is the music belonging to the cultures of the societies and regions.

    Ethnic music was a type of music in ancient times where the relevant society played and had fun only within itself. With the onset of inter-communal communication, the spread of the internet, and the spread of international festivals and fairs, ethnic music has begun to be heard by different societies and different cultures. Local musical instruments are also played in ethnic music. Some of the ethnic musical instruments are listed below:


    The oud, which has an extremely impressive and beautiful voice, is a stringed and plectrum musical instrument among traditional Turkish instruments. The body of the oud has a structure reminiscent of a half pear shape. It is made of wood with a hard structure such as mahogany or hornbeam trees.


    Daf is a musical instrument made by wrapping a leather cover on one or both sides of a round wooden drum and played with finger strokes. Various forms of daf, which is a kind of open drum, can also be found in ancient tribes. In archaeological excavations in Mesopotamia and elsewhere, figures with dafs in their hands are encountered.


    The emergence of the darbuka, which dates back to Egypt in the periods before Christ and can be of different sizes, is primarily seen in Anatolian, Mesopotamian, and Central Asian civilizations. Darbuka keeps the rhythm in Turkish traditional music.


    Saz-baglama is a long-established musical instrument. It has been used with different names and types in wide geography extending from Asia to Europe. It is a type of kopuz known as the ancestor of baglama stringed instruments.


    Kanun (Qanun) is an instrument from the stringed instrument family. Kanun is one of the basic instruments of Turkish Music. Its primary feature is that it is an important ornamental instrument thanks to its vocal color and richness, as well as its proficiency and performance techniques.