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What Is Louta? Difference Between Louta And Oud


There are many musical instruments in the world. Some instruments are played not only in one region but all over the world. The only difference is that the same instrument is called by different names. Louta, also known as louta, has a significant place among many instruments. It is known that the oldest lutes in history belong to Ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamian civilizations. The louta is very similar to the oud, but there is a very subtle difference. The handle of the louta has frets related to those of a drum. Lines are used today for these curtains.


Louie's body has a single large round hole. Louta is structurally between oud and tanbur in terms of sound. Different plectrum strokes began to be developed for certain rhythms, and thus, it became a sought-after instrument in many entertainment areas. It is possible to talk about its existence frequently today.


What Is Louta?


Louta has a pear-shaped body. The louta is a short, wide-necked stringed instrument that can be played with a plectrum or finger. Usually, the back of the louta is made of maple, and the chest cover is made of fir wood. There is no pulley on the back part. Louta consists of slices glued together. There is a hole in the middle of the chest cover. The stem of the louta, which varies according to the number of strings, is divided into 7-12 frets. Most of the time, orders other than the treble string are classified in pairs. The timbre of the louta is pretty high.


The History Of Louta


Instruments similar to the louta were found in Mesopotamia in the 2nd millennium B.C., but the instruments did not even have names. Something was being invented by utilizing existing possibilities. As time progressed, these inventions were passed on from generation to generation and began to take root. Louta took its main form from the Iranian-Arab cultural circle, most likely from Spain and Southern Italy. Over time, the louta became the most famous instrument in the West and was later used as a solo and accompaniment instrument. Louta, on the other hand, used to take its place in Turkish music as an instrument accompanying the kemençe and köçekçe teams. It has been separated from other instruments by adding new things each day, in its final form, by attaching the frets to its neck.


What Is The Difference Between Louta And Oud?


Louta is very similar to oud in appearance. The body of the louta has fewer slices than the oud, and the louta has a pitch. There are twenty-six pitch intervals in Louta. Another difference between louta and oud is that it has a longer stem than louta. Louta is mostly between tanbur and oud. Oud is more comfortable to play than louta. Louta may require some technique.


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