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What Is A Tambourine? All About Tambourine Instruments


Music is present in almost every aspect of our lives. We can have fun and listen to our souls with music. To have pleasant moments, the essential thing is to produce a musical instrument for these rhythms and melodies. In ancient times, people designed different musical instruments using trees and animal skins. These musical instruments have been handed down from generation to generation and, with the development of technology, they have been equipped with a new feature. Thanks to the sounds and features of each musical instrument, its usage areas have been determined. The tambourine is the most frequently used and preferred among these musical instruments. The tambourine is a type of percussion musical instrument. The history of the tambourine instrument dates back to ancient times and different civilizations. That instrument has been used not only by Turks but also by other nations and still, continues to be used.

What Is Tambourine?


The tambourine is a percussion musical instrument created by passing leather over a hoop. Bells or pellets of pellets are placed on the edge of the burial to make a sound. In this way, you can make different sounds. The tambourine is a percussion musical instrument. Tambourine has a long history. It was the first used in the Middle East, India, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, and today it is found in every nation. The tambourine is played by hand. The tambourine is one of the clearest musical instruments to play. A tambourine is also called a small drum. The hoop is about 30-40 cm in diameter and is made of walnut wood.

What Are Types Of Tambourine?


There are many types of tambourines. Before deciding for what purpose you will use the tambourine, do detailed research about it because the tambourine has many varieties and differs in the sounds it makes. The most well-known types of tambourine are:

Single Row Tambourine: There is only one row of bells.

Double Row Tambourine: Instead of a single bell, it has double rattles. The higher the number of rings, the louder the sound will be.

Foot Tambourine: This tambourine is played by putting it on one's feet. The only difference is the use and size.


How To Play Tambourine


Tambourine is used in everything from classical music to folk music and pop music. It must be included in all musical orchestras. A person who does not know anything can play the tambourine easily. It is one of the clearest musical instruments to play. The tambourine is played by hand. Among musical instruments, the tambourine is also called a hand drum. It is played by waving and hitting it with the other hand. When struck, you add different rhythms thanks to the cymbals. It can also be mounted on a drum kit so it can be played with drumsticks or sticks. 

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