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Of course, no one does not likes music. Whenever we are happy or sad, we listen to music everywhere. Sometimes we focus on the sound and the melody, not what the instrument is. String instruments are the most common instrument category in most music. It gives a different pleasure to playing as much as listening to the sound of string instruments. When it comes to string instruments, the first thing that comes to mind is Turkish string instruments with a wide range of products. Turkish string instruments always show their difference everywhere. They have a wonderful melody.

There are a lot of Turkish instruments, but when we consider the category of string instruments, the Black Sea region comes to mind first. The Black Sea region once again reveals the power of Turkish music with its plays and instruments. Examples of Turkish stringed musical instruments are tanbur, louta, qanun, saz, baglama, cumbus, Turkish oud, and kemenche.

About Turkish String Instruments 


String instruments are also called string instruments in general. Stick-Slip-Effect is an instrument in which sound is produced by causing stick slippage by vibrating the hand by sliding a stick on the string to play stringed instruments. In the same way, there are string instruments played percussion with sticks. The bow is indispensable for string instruments. It is made by stretching a ponytail between the two ends of a slightly curved stick made of hardwood.

You play the bow by holding it with your right hand from the bottom up. This lower head is called the 'heel' and the upper one is called the 'tip' or 'hill'. The lengths of the springs are between 70 and 75 cm. The sound and enjoyment of each member of the string family are different from each other. Each musical instrument has a different tone. String instruments are not that easy to play. It is necessary to get an education and practice beforehand. The most well-known Turkish string instruments are:



It is the first member of the Turkish string instrument family. It is the most indispensable instrument of the Black Sea region. One cannot stand still with the sound it makes. It consists of three strings in total. A total of four different sounds are produced from the three strings. It has a body resembling a half pear. The head and the stem are short. Many trees can be preferred in their construction.



Another name for spring drum is cumbus. It seems nostalgic. It has a very long history. The wooden-bodied tanbur is used in classical Turkish music, while the cumbus-bodied tanbur is used in popular music because it gives a louder sound.



Baglama is a genre widely used in Turkish Folk Music. It has different names according to regions and sizes. It can be played with a plectrum or fingers. The technique of playing with fingers is called selpe and tattoo. Generally, there are seven strings, two steels at the bottom and a gold thread, two steels in the middle, and one steel and a gold thread at the top.

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