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How To Tune Irish Bouzouki Easily


The Irish bouzouki is an instrument inspired by the Greek bouzouki and impresses many people with its sound. The resemblance to the guitar and mandolin made the bouzouki even more interesting. The Irish bouzouki continues to be the choice of musicians in many entertainment and dance music with its sparkling timbre. However, for the Irish bouzouki to retain its sparkling sound, it must be tuned and several factors need to be improved. There are some methods for tuning bouzouki.


What Is Irish Bouzouki?


Adapted from the Greek bouzouki, the Irish bouzouki is one of the most popular instruments. Known as a guitar and saz mix, this instrument is known for not being very balanced. The Greek bouzouki was developed over time and different variations emerged. The most well-known is the Irish bouzouki. The Irish bouzouki, unlike the Greek bouzouki, has four pairs of strings and a straight back. The Greek bouzouki was introduced to the music of Ireland and people loved this instrument. In 1960, Johnny Moynihan is known as the person who introduced the Greek bouzouki to Ireland. The emergence of the Irish bouzouki started when Donal Lunny made changes to the Greek bouzouki and worked on it. In the studies, the frequency of the bouzouki was further strengthened. These changes were to combine the octave sequences of the two strings in the G and D of the bouzouki. The result of these changes was the Irish Bouzouki. The Irish Bouzouki has a stronger tone than the Greek Bouzouki. To achieve a strong tone, the Irish Bouzouki's body is designed stronger. The Irish Bouzouki has a three-piece ridge and has straight sides compared to the Greek Bouzouki.


Irish Bouzouki Tuning


The sound of the Irish bouzouki is known to be very popular. Tuning is very important to get the best sound of Irish bouzouki. Apart from tuning, some points affect the sound of the Irish bouzouki. Some of these are factors that affect the sound while playing, such as wrist position and pick grip. Most importantly, of course, attention should be paid to the quality of the strings. If there is no good string, there will be no good sound. Despite paying attention to all these points, your Irish calf may still sound bad to your ears. Then you should look at the tuning settings of your bouzouki. The most common of the tuning methods are digital tuners because tuning by ear will not be easy for beginners. By plugging your digital tuner into the Irish bouzouki, you can find the appropriate tuning according to the frequencies of the strings. In the same way, you can look at the shared chords for the Irish bouzouki, which you can find on the internet, and watch the appropriate videos.

For the Irish bouzouki to continue to enchant the listeners with its fascinating voice, it is necessary to pay attention to its tuning. We have suggested some methods for tuning your bouzouki. You can contact us for more detailed information.


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