Differences Between Oud and Guitar

Oud and guitar are stringed instruments that are very close to each other from the outside. Both musical instruments are still very popular today. Even though their approaches, sizes and feelings are different, both musical instruments are still very valuable string instruments today. There are many different types of both musical instruments.

What is an Oud?

Oud, a fretless instrument, is in the category of stringed and plectrum instruments. Oud, which has a sound range of 3 octaves. It is used as 11, 12, or 13 strings. In the musical instrument, which has six different string groups, the top string is known as the bam wire. The oud musical instrument consists of five main parts. These; bowl, chest, neck, auger, and strings.


When this wire is used alone, it can be used as 11.13 pairs and as 12 wires when used. The reason for this difference is the traditional use. Bamstring has a very important place, especially in Turkish music. Physical dimensions may vary depending on the type of oud musical instrument. Of course, there are not such big differences, but there are minor differences in terms of length. The most popular types of oud are the Arabian oud and the Turkish oud.

The oud is a fretless instrument. Due to this feature, it provides a wide opportunity to perform all kinds of music. Traditional Turkish Music, Western Music, Eastern Music, polyphonic or monophonic music, a children's song or a youth anthem can be performed with the oud.

As for its physical features, it has a long shape, just like string instruments. Before construction, it is necessary to choose the material. Oud boat; walnut, mahogany, plum, apricot, maple, cherry; imported woods such as magase, wenge, and rosewood The most important is the top plate, as in the violin. In order to be successful in producing sound, the table and the chest must be made of high-quality, very dry spruce wood. However, the plate should not be thick to get a nice, soft sound. Because the sound waves reflect on the utt boat and reflect on the table and provide vibration. The soundboard has an importance of 75% in an oud, and if this is followed, it will be possible to get a good sound. In short, the material used and the change in dimensions and places may create different results in terms of the sound quality obtained.


Differences Between Oud and Guitar

There are also many differences in terms of dimensions. The guitar is a musical instrument with six strings and a pitch. Oud has a very different structure compared to musical instruments. The sound of the guitar is either reflected acoustically through the resonance chamber in the instrument or amplified by an electronic receiver and amplifier.

There are three main types of modern guitar: classical guitar, steel-string acoustic or electric guitar, and Hawaiian guitar. There are also many different types of guitars. There is much more variety in the guitar than in the oud instrument.

In terms of historical background, the history of both musical instruments dates back to ancient times.


Which is Easier to Learn for Beginners

In terms of learning, it's a little hard to say that one is easier or can be played in less time. This can vary a lot from person to person. On the other hand, it is very important to be passionate about the musical instrument to be learned. Because most people start learning musical instruments on a whim and give up when they see some difficulty. At this point, the desire to learn plays a huge role.

Research should be done before choosing a musical instrument and beginning the learning process. Because the two musical instruments are very different from each other. They are also very rich in diversity. Their structures are very different. There are points to be learned, such as ear familiarity, learning chord order, learning notes, and changing chords. What needs to be decided is which musical instrument you want to learn. When choosing a musical instrument, it is important to get an expert opinion. You can take a detailed look at our products by examining our website.


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