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At least five centuries, oud instrument has been played in Anatolia and it has been existed in Turkish culture; in Turkish art music, Turkish urban music and in Turkish arabesk music and oud insrument is named as “ud”. Also, it has been played Arabia, Iran, Asia and Mesopotamia areas as a good stringed instrument in the history. So it is not a native Turkish instrument. There are several types of classic ouds like Arabic oud, Syrian oud and Turkish oud.


Classic oud is known as the sultan of the instruments and has a large soundbox. This feature is from made. The body of oud is made from thin wood and sound holes which situated in front of. In this way, it have unique sounds.


Actually, there are six types of oud according to origin. Those ouds differ in their timbre. There are small size differences in those types of ouds.


Turkish oud is used in Turkey and Greece usually. Its timbre differs from Arabic oud. its sound is brighter and also good timbre. Because it has strained strings, thinner soundboard. On the other hand, the Arabic oud is more popular than other types of oud. It has been used extensively in the Arabain peninsula, Iraq, North Africa and Syria. It has deep timbre and it heavier than other types. The soundboard is thicker.


Syrian oud, Iraqi oud and Iranian oud are classified under the Arabic oud family. Those types of ouds have lots of overtones.

What is oud?

Oud is one of the most preferred string instruments in the large area like Asia, Arabia, Middle East, North Africa and Anatolia and Greece. It is known the sultan of instruments and has been played too many centuries. Turkish, Arabian and Syrian ouds is commonly used in art and folk music. Oud has an authentic voice with the body that striped bowl pattern and you can feel lightweight wood. Depend on the type of oud, it has 10 to 13 strings. It is a fretless instrument. So, you can play particular makam sor maqamats easily.


Turkish ouds are used in Turkey and Greece. Turkish oud is played with a single pick like other types of oud. Oud is played with a plectrum  It has five string and one bass string. It generate wider range and also consider easy playing of the oud.  The oud does not have any standard size or number of strings but usually, all the types of ouds have 11 strings. Any intervals are generated by those strings.


Oud instrument has a body which called the bowl. The bowl is the soundbox of ouds. You see the materails in the bowls in our web site and store.

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Who are using electric oud? 

Turkish, Arabic and Syrian ouds have electric models. So, electric ouds have many differences. They need some their light tools and electric accessories and they generate different sounds and timbres. Electric ouds are prefered usually by the art and folk music, because of lightness facilities. Music performers can use electric ouds on their trips.


Oud players prefer electric oud for its conveniences, such as adjusting the volume, playing the oud in silent mode. Electric oud is with their pickup system, you can connect them to the sound system easily. These ouds can be used in electric or acoustic modes thanks to their pick up..


Many musicians performing art and folk music prefer electric oud when they adopt a contemporary approach while they are performing and want to obtain different sounds than the sound of acoustic ouds.


Electric oud may be factroy-made and hand-made. The beginners can begin to play from factory made ouds. So, they can learn and love that authentic sounds. You can choose the size of electric oud. There are too many varieties for women and left handed musicians. On our web site, you see all types of electric oud for your needs.  All of them are high quality instruments and have a good price.


If you have an electric oud, you can examine and learn all about electric oud.


How to build electric oud? 

Electric oud has a pear-shaped body which is a deep, striped bowl made from lightweight wood.  It has a large soundbox and light wood body with 2 or 3 sound holes. These holes are genereally oval shaped. The bowl is made from thin and lightweight wood or ribs. The tuning pegs and fingerboard are constructed from ebony. maple, walnut, palisander.

Electric oud can be used as electric or acoustic oud with the pickup and equalizer built in the instrument. Turkish electric oud has maple bowls, spruce faces, and ebony fingerboards and bridges. And also there are oud that as half oud and it is weight and easy to carry. However, Arabic electric ouds have a walnut bowl, spruce face, ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, bone rosettes. The bowls of professional Arabic electric ouds are made by mahogany like Syrian electric ouds.


All our electric ouds are produced by Sala Muzik in Turkey. Those ouds are made of the best quality materials. All of the electric ouds are considered for eleven strings organized in five courses with a pair of strings and, besides, one course of a single string.


In our store, we have a lot of variety such as left-hand Turkish electric ouds, professional Arabic electric ouds, professional Turkish Electric ouds, Syrian professional electric ouds, Turkish professional half-cut electric ouds, and silent ouds.

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