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Can Guitar Players Play Oud Instrument?



Are you a talented guitar player and new to the world of the Oud? Want to develop perfection in playing this new instrument, but wondering whether you should learn and play it or not? Not to worry. In this post, you’ll find out how learning this new instrument is beneficial for a guitarist. It will not only help in getting expertise in quarter tonal or microtonal intervals but benefit you in numbers of ways. Let’s move closer to what is Oud and why guitarists play it. 

What Is An Oud?

Often known as “the king of instruments” in the Middle East, Oud Instrument is an ancient pear-shaped stringed musical instrument from these areas. It is predominantly used in the music of North America and Western Asia. For many centuries, greatest musicians have been playing it. Day by day increasing popularity has expanded its way to the Western nations over the last few decades. Nowadays, more and more musicians are playing this instrument for endless possibilities of creating an appealing musical blend. 

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Why Playing Oud Is Excellent For Guitar Players?

Making command over vital oud techniques provide the ability to play oud style easily on guitar. Whether you are a seasoned guitar player or a beginner, you can start learning and playing Oud instrument from today. Let’s shed some light into key reasons.

Forefather Of Guitar

    Oud is considered to be a progenitor or grandfather of a modern-day guitar instrument. It is the foundation of the creation of Middle Eastern musical theory. Great significance in the European, Turkish, and Arabic music make guitar players take a bow to play Oud.

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    electrooud turkishelectronicoud

    Easy And Fun To Start

    Playing Oud instrument can be simpler and exciting. Guitar players can play 1-2 songs within a couple of days. Music played on this instrument can be melancholic, enjoyable, lively, and anything you want.

    Offers Freedom

    It gives them the freedom to play several keys of music, quartertones, and many scales. Playing this instrument gives the marvelous opportunity to improve performance. You can play any frequency of sound you wish to be.

    Emerge Out As Great Musician

    Playing Oud can make you stand apart from the crowd by becoming a fabulous musician in today’s time. This unique instrument has different music and sound. You’ll learn how to differentiate various modes and scales, how to interpret music, learn new rhythms used in popular Western music, new music theory emphasizing on modal melody.

    turkishguitar   fretlessguitar 

    Most Versatile Instrument

    Oud is a highly versatile musical instrument that provides guitar players the taste of everything. It is an ideal choice for an ethnomusicologist. By playing it, you can play the music of several different cultures. You can create Iranian music, Chinese music, Arabian music, Greek music, and lots more.

    If you would like to play Middle Eastern music on Oud instrument, then don’t waste your time. Many new versions of this instrument are available now in the market to help you rediscover music. So, start playing Oud perfectly from today to develop a solid base in the world of Oud music.

    Are you an Oud and Guitar player ? What do you think, Can Guitar Players Play Oud Instrument?

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    • Posted on by jose tapia soriano

      Donde puedo conseguir un metodo

    • Posted on by Dan Liechty

      The main thing a guitar player has to learn when picking up an oud is that unlike guitar, in which you learn a lot of chord formations and use them to ‘back up’ singers and lead instruments, oud is a lead instrument. You don’t use full chords at all, and even two and three note chords relatively rarely. Although I am mainly a guitar player, when I am playing oud in a group setting (and I am very much a beginner in this) I think much more in terms of runs and fills and ornamentation I would be playing otherwise on a mandolin or bouzouki. Perhaps very experienced oud players and those for whom oud is their first and primary instrument might disagree with this, but hopefully what I am saying here will be useful for other guitarists just getting into oud and wanting more to expand their tonal palate rather than study the whole classical repertoire of the oud.

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