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    Each Turkish traditional music instrument occupies a material place in Turkish art and folk music. They have been the ones that could convey the best the feelings and issues Turkish people lived on their lands throughout the history. Turkish instruments in our catalogue are grouped under four categories, namely String, Bowed, Woodwind and Percussion instruments. Turkish Oud, Saz (Baglama), Cumbus, Kanun (Turkish Zither), Louta and Tanbur are the String Instruments you can find in our store. Under Bowed category we have Kabak Kemane, Kemence, Yayli Tanbur (Bowed Tanbur), Classical Kemence; under Woodwind category we have Turkish Ney, Zurna, Mey, G Clarinet, and under Percussion instruments you can find Bendir, Davul, Riq and Turkish Darbuka. All of our Turkish instruments are hand-made, constructed by masters. You can always physically visit our store in Istanbul or check the variety of Turkish instruments in our catalogue through our website. We believe you will find in our store the Turkish music instrument that inspires you most at the best value.


    Common features of Turkish music instruments    

    Today, Turkish music instruments in classical Turkish music include percussion instruments such as drums, long-necked wind instruments; flute, string instruments such as kemençe, oud, qanun, violin, and percussion drums are included.

    Woodwind instruments are instruments that convert air into sound. These are musical instruments, and these instruments have various points for the air to enter or exit. The air being blown is circulated inside this musical instrument, and this circulation creates sound through vibrations.

    In some woodwind instruments, the sound is obtained with the help of reeds Woodwind instruments consist of a hollow, cylindrical body. When it is blown from the mouthpiece, the sound is obtained by the vibration of the air column inside of the body.  

    Main Turkish music instruments

    The main Turkish music instruments are as follows:

    1. Saz- bağlama
    2. Ney
    3. Qanun
    4. Drum
    5. Oud
    6. Cumbus
    7. Kamanche
    8. Clarinet
    9. Kaval

    Each of the Turkish traditional musical instruments has significance in Turkish music instruments art and folk music. All of our Turkish instruments are handmade and made by masters. You can have the Turkish music instrument you want by visiting our Sala music store. For more detailed information, you can visit our website or contact us.